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BackToBasics Development Studios began back in May of 2020. We began as a simple duo of FiveM script creators, however as of December 2020, BackToBasics is now a team of 5 developers, with each member having their own skill set to bring to the team. Our team consits of script developers, vehicle modelers, and vehicle texturers. We are always looking to bring on more members to our team in order to bring even more high quality modifications to the GTA and FiveM community.


BackToBasics first started as a scripting team for FiveM, currently we have only 2 releases to the public, however along with our private modifications and future scripts planned we intend on diversifying our releases and continue to provide content to the FiveM community. 


On the 1st of December 2020, BackToBasics Development Studios turned their focus to vehicle development for not only the FiveM community, bu also for the GTA community on a whole. While scripting will always be our beginning, this is the route we wish to guide our team along in for the foreseeable future.


Our aim is to provide a number of great quality modifications for the FiveM and GTA community, and as such we aim to make a number of free public releases. However, purchasing base models costs money, and the process of developing the vehicles takes a lot of time, as such we also intend on selling some of our products for a low profit cost, in order to cover the cost of our assets and to provide our team members with a little recuperation for the time they put into their work. 


Our team currently consists of 5 developers, each with their own abilities and skill sets, including script developers, texture developers, and vehicle developers. We are always looking at expanding our team, and welcome anyone with a good knowledge and skill set of which they believe they could bring to our team. Those interested should join our discord, and contact either Mac (The_Reverend#9876) or Deacon (Deacon#1234).