Looking for something specific?

Here at BackToBasics Development Studios, we offer a service, whereby we will create you some of your own personalised vehicles. Read on to find out more.

We pride ourselves on our personalised development service, and aim to provide the client with exactly what you hoped for. Each of our vehicles is designed as close to your specification as limitations will allow. Our service is not only available on a mass scale, but we also offer individual personalised vehicles. Not a single order is too small. Below we will detail some of our approximate pricings, as well as provide an insight into exactly how the service works.


We aim to make our pricings as fair as possible, but please understand that we have bills to manage and employees to pay.

* All prices include only the cost of productions, additional charges may apply under certain circumstances. Usage of premium models is possible, however, this will require additional payment from the client.

** Deposit required for all orders above the price of $50. Orders below the price of $50 require an upfront payment

*** Purchased vehicles / custom packs are the property of BackToBasics Development Studios, exclusivity rights may be purchased separately

What You Get

Below are some of the features of our personalised development service.

Your Specification

No matter your needs and wants for the project at hand, we always strive to meet your specification.

ELS Ready

Currently we only offer ELS style vehicles, of which we will provide the xml files to your wants. However come the New Year, we aim to provide both ELS and Non-ELS style vehicles.

Unique Model Parts

BackToBasics also consists of a 3D modelling enthusiast, of whom has the skills to produce any parts required in order for the purchase to meet your specification!

FiveM Ready

All of our products have the option to be purchased FiveM ready at no additional cost!